Two Obsidian Plugins You’ll Wonder How you Lived Without

Denise Todd
5 min readAug 8, 2022

Obsidian Beginner’s Series: Tag Pane and Tag Wrangler Plugins

Ever want to see a list of your tags? Rename a tag? Convert a tag to a page? Obsidian Tag Pane and the plugin Tag Wrangler let you do just that.

Obsidian tags give you a way to organize, categorize, and visualize your notes. You can use tags with or without a Core Plugin called Tag Pane, and with or without a Community Plugin called Tag Wrangler. But I highly recommend both.

More plugins? 🤬 Arrggh…

I know. I know. Another plugin.

But I promise you’ll love these plugins. You’ll wonder how you lived without them.

Tag Pane

Tag pane is a Core Plugin maintained by the Obsidian Development team. So, if you trust Obsidian, you trust core plugins.

The plugin must be enabled to use.

  • Go to SETTINGS ⚙️ > Core Plugins > Tag Pane and flip it on (red is on in the image below):

But why should I turn it on? What does it give me? 🙄

Let me ask you this: Have you ever wanted to see a simple list of all your tags? Maybe to check for misspellings, duplicates, or an alias you might have used? Or want to change a tag name? Or create a page for a tag?

By enabling Tag Pane and Tag Wrangler, you get that and more.

Tag Pane provides (wait for it…🤣) a tag pane on the right side of your screen (by default — you can move it). Here is a visual of the TAG PANE:

Tag Pane Toggle lets you turn the tag pane on and off without closing the sidebar.

Show Tags as List provides the options to list your tags alphabetically or by frequency

Show Tags Nested shows your nested tags (more on that below) in an indented (aka outline) form as above.

Notice to the right of the tag name is a small number. This is the number of times the tag is used.

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